About Us

Alpha Marketing is a real estate research and investment consultancy that specializes in the Singapore and Malaysia markets with a particular emphasis on Iskandar Malaysia. Our services include.

For Retail Investors

– Advisory on real estate investment opportunities in Malaysia
– Training/ market knowledge sharing such as information seminars and site tours
– Advisory on property management services within Iskandar Malaysia
– Bulk purchase opportunities 

We started off as retail property investors back in 2007 and hence we still stick to our roots where we assist retail investors to make the right investment decisions. We believe that the average man in the street can make their fortune or plan for retirement with the right approach to real estate investment.

With our “Investors First, Marketers Second” principle, we frequently take equity positions or direct investments in the same recommendations that we make. We are Singapore-based, allowing us to better serve the large market comprising of Singaporeans, Malaysians based in Singapore and other foreign investors who operate out of Singapore.


For Corporate Customers

– Structure and execute real estate transactions in Malaysia
– Recommend real estate development opportunities in Malaysia/ development partners
– Real estate research services and data analytics
– Marketing events and product presentations for customers
– Branding and public relations for real estate companies in Iskandar Malaysia

Our strengths lie in our in-depth analysis which is far more thorough due to our close familiarity with the Malaysian real estate market and our network of contacts which include developers, fund houses, banks and real estate agencies.

We are not just consultants and often, clients require us to be involved in a deal post-transaction and in the case of joint-ventures or new project companies, frequently asked us to take equity in these investments. We too have developed an appetite for larger roles in the projects and began to identify and develop opportunities on our own. Today we identify and package investments on our own, follow on with financing and strategic partners and hence become lead investors with our “Investors First, Marketers Second” principle. This significantly supplements our advisory business and we maintain stakes in each enterprise, often filling the role of general/managing partner.


editedRyan & Melissa – Co Founders of Alpha Marketing


Our Background:

Alpha Marketing was founded by Melissa Low initially as a gathering of like-minded investors with our first dinner event in Feb 2011 graced by the renowned Malaysian map-maker Mr Ho Chin Soon. Founding members included Hubert Ong and Desmond Lin. The Facebook group was created as “Malaysian Investors in Singapore (MISS)” which boasts more than 7,500 members today.


Today Alpha Marketing is a professional outfit that actively participates in real estate ventures and events throughout Singapore and Iskandar and co-founder Ryan Khoo is a highly sought after speaker and consultant on Iskandar Malaysia related issues. His book “What’s The Big Deal with Iskandar Malaysia” was released in December 2013 and was a best seller in MPH Malaysia in 2014.