• How You Can Spot a Great Investment in Iskandar

  • Alpha Marketing is pleased to partner CORE Investors to share their views on investing in Iskandar Malaysia. This is a great opportunity to listen to another opinion other than mine on Iskandar, and these guys are the best at what they do.

    Rachel Lim and her team have been highly successful in investing in the mass market segment of Iskandar Malaysia. If you want to get an alternative view on why NOW is a GREAT time to invest in Malaysia, continue to read the below:

    Ryan & Melissa


    Dear Investor

    Times are pretty bad for the property market in Iskandar now. First, there was the oversupply of high rise units in the market that caused property prices to stagnate. Then came the cooling measures from the Malaysia government for foreign buyers.

    Now, with the double whammy of the GST and the drop in Ringgit value, even fewer purchasers are out looking for new properties, and property developers are getting desperate.

    In such a fearful climate, should we just pull out and wait for the market to recover? Yet, as we all know, investments are about “Buy low, Sell high”. Prices sure are low now, but is it time to buy?

    CORE Investors will be holding a “FLIP Your Way To Riches” Workshop in Singapore. This session is specially catered for those of you Malaysians working in Singapore as well as Singaporeans who are thinking of finding good deals in Iskandar now and what are the opportunities and pitfalls involved. 

    During the session, our guru Rachel Lim, the Queen Of Flip Strategy, will share about the idea behind “Buy And Sell” strategy, how you can purchase millions worth of property with just a few thousand dollars, AND why you should be investing in the property market RIGHT NOW during the down cycle.

    The fee is just $17 per person. This includes the price of admission, as well as a copy of Ho Chin Soon’s latest book on impact of High Speed Rail on Property(sold for S$29.90 at bookstores), as well as a useful map of Iskandar for reference. 


    1) How to make money from property investments during BOTH good AND bad times
    2) PROVEN strategies to buy & sell properties to achieve your FINANCIAL FREEDOM
    3) Why NOW is the best time to buy properties in Malaysia
    4) Making your millionaire journey a reality

    Date: 6th September 15 (Sunday) 
    Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
    Venue: Park Mall, Jubilance Room #13-02, Dhoby Ghaut MRT (Opposite MRT station)

    Do RSVP for your spot  NOW as we have ONLY 40 seats left and they are going fast.

    Click here to REGISTER!!

    Look forward to seeing you on Sunday =) 

    Best Regards, 
    The CORE Investors


    Photos post event


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