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What’s The Big Deal with Iskandar Malaysia    High Speed Rail: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore    WTF: 23 Properties by 30

The definitive guide to property investing in Iskandar Malaysia, this book is a must have for those looking to invest in Iskandar or in Malaysia at large. This first half of the book covers the major developer movements in Iskandar, hotspots in the region, what are the economic activities and job growth driving the housing market and the impact of Singapore on Iskandar Malaysia. The second half of the book covers the property purchase process in Malaysia, financing from banks and how property management is done with the dos and don’ts. A bestseller in MPH Malaysia in 2014 for its deep insights into the Iskandar market as seen in its boom years as seen by author Ryan Khoo.

Retail Price: SGD20/ RM50


Why is the High Speed Rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore important and what can it achieve for both countries? Here Ishmael Ho and Ho Chin Soon share in their own in-imitable way how High Speed Rail has changed the lives of people across the world through their own eyes and travels. Also included are great maps and aerial photographs pointing out the locations of the High Speed Rail stations across Malaysia and Singapore. A great inclusion for those studying one of the biggest infrastructure projects coming on in our times.

Retail Price: SGD25.


Faizul Ridzuan, a man who built a multi-million property portfolio in Malaysia with just under RM2,000 starting capital. Faizul and Ryan were both young investors back in the day and Faizul’s canny ability to pick good deals and creative solutions have made him the man to watch in the real estate investment school here in Kuala Lumpur. A great and inspiring read for new and experienced property investors alike that show how much one person can achieve if he has the right attitude and the right skillsets.

Retail Price: SGD15

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